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Entrust your workforce dynamics to the veteran expertise of Malek & Malek, one of the best employment Law Firms, your paramount destination for Employment Law firms. Nestled in Torrance, California, we embody a commitment to excellence in navigating the intricate landscape of employment practices, ensuring your business operates with legal precision.

Our Expertise

Business success transcends operations – it’s about fostering the right team dynamics. At Malek & Malek, we stand by your side, advocating for employers and management in California and federal courts and agencies. As dedicated general counsel for small and medium-sized enterprises, we oversee out-of-state litigation and complaints, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

Our proficiency in Employment Law firms extend across a spectrum of critical areas, including wrongful terminations, workplace violence, employment agreements, separation and severance agreements, whistleblower issues, EEOC and DFEH matters, employee layoffs and WARN Act compliance, ADA/AB 2222 disability accommodations, and the investigation and litigation of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and age discrimination. Our Human Resource services and programs are personalized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Malek & Malek Law Firm is your trusted partner in sculpting a resilient and legally sound workforce. Choose us for unwavering advocacy and expertise in Employment Law firms, positioning your business for success.

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Employment Practices

On Your Side

Success in business means having the right people in the correct positions. We help you create the best team possible. Our attorneys represent employers and management in all California and federal courts and agencies. We also counsel small and medium companies as general counsel and supervise out-of-state litigation and complaints. Our practice includes:

Employment Law

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